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Beginners Quilting - 4 Week Session

Beginners Quilting - 4 Week Session

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If you’ve always wanted to learn to quilt but didn’t know where to start, this is the class for you! We not only take you through the basics of quilt making, but also give you the tools and confidence to design your own quilt or make alterations to an existing pattern. You’ll also get tips and tricks about fabric, thread and needles, cutting tools, and more. The are four classes, one per week over four weeks. Each class is around 2 1/2 hours. Each class teaches a step in the quilt making process, then in the week between you’ll practice what you’ve learned. By the end you’ll have a baby or lap quilt bearing your own personal spin!

No experience in quilting is necessary, however a sewing machine and how to use it will be needed starting in week 2. A few necessary tools are provided. A recommended shopping list for fabric and additional tools will be provided each week. Which tools, etc. to buy is completely up to you.

Week 1: Basics of Quilt Design
You’ll be briefly introduced to the rich history and vast variety of the quilting world. Then we’ll learn to deconstruct a quilt design into its components for the purpose of organizing and calculating how much fabric you’ll need. You’ll also be introduced to basic design principles, as well as the art and science of using color.

Week 2: Basics of Fabric Manipulation and Piecing
This week is all about how to prepare, measure, cut, and manipulate fabric for quilt making. We’ll also cover piecing for a few basic blocks and even a couple time saving hacks.

Week 3: Basics of Layering and Quilting
Once you’ve finished piecing your quilt top, it’s time to learn how to layer it with batting and backing fabric to turn it into a real quilt! We’ll look at basting techniques along with quilting stitch design and methods.

Week 4: Basics of Quilt Finishing
With the finish line on sight, we tackle squaring a quilt, creating and applying binding, and finishing choices.


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